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Federal government to consider controversial north shore plan in 2017

OTTAWA—The federal government has committed to paying for a controversial south shore transportation corridor as part of its national economic strategy, the prime minister announced Wednesday. "The project will make a real difference in getting people to work," said Stephen Harper. The corridor will use $25 billion in federal infrastructure funding from the Infrastructure Bank, as well as $3 billion by the federal and provincial governments to build and operate one of the world's largest intercity rail systems. A number of municipalities, including Fort McMurray and the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area, have expressed interest in funding the project.

Article Continued Below

The Conservative government announced in January that it is in the process of reviewing funding sources for the planned south shore rail corridor. Prime Minister Stephen Harper launched his economic plan on Wednesday with a $2 billion investment and $1 billion for a $15 billion expansion of the Ottawa-Gatineau rail corridor. That project, which will connect Ottawa to Gatineau, was to be part of an urban renewal plan for the Ottawa area that will include the construction of a new airport and new transit corridors across the region, as well as a new rail transit hub, a large bridge over the Seneca River and increased funding for transit and walking. The federal government says the proposed corridor would increase employment by 40 per cent, spur economic growth and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 26 per cent. The project has been opposed by the Canadian Federation of Independent Business. It's a significant portion of the country that has suffered from a "lost decade" of manufacturing jobs and jobs that aren't as well connected to the global economy. "It makes sense that the government would make some investments that will help get our economy back on track." The government said it would look closely at the corridor, which it hopes will attract more private investment. "We are looking at ways to make this project work in the long term," said Environment Minister Catherine McKenna. The government says $5 billion will be earmarked to cover the costs of the project, which is due to be finished by 2023 and a federal transportation fund has been created to support the construction. As part of the review of infrastructure, the Harper government also said it will announce recommendations on infrastructure improvements for transportation and the environment this month. "We will be consulting with community groups, First Nations, First Nations and businesses to ensure the projects meet our priorities for growth, jobs and economic prosperity," said federal Infrastructure Minister Amarjeet Sohi. "These are the very things Canadians expect from their governments."

Carr considers push into federal arena.

On July 27, 2006, President Bush announced his intention to use fiscal 2008 as a means to implement the Bush tax cuts. "We have to get back to a sound fiscal policy," said Barr.

A week earlier, he told Congress that "we should have done it" by now, and added the "Obama administration is trying to delay it by arguing about budget matters."

On June 29, 2006, Barr and other top Obama advisers discussed the need to reauthorize and continue the Bush tax cuts as soon as possible before Democrats seized control of the House of Representatives, according to the New York Times article.

In November, Obama sent congressional leaders an executive order to extend the payroll tax cut through 2007 and a proposal to expand it, which the administration hoped would boost revenue.

In the wake of the Democratic takeover, Barr issued a public letter to Obama urging him to hold off on the push.

And when the president came to town in March 2007, he told the press that his administration would try to make a deal with McCain on the payroll tax, even if this meant he would have to raise the U.S. debt ceiling.

However, Barr did not say that the president's plan to reinstate the tax cuts would have to be paid for by raising taxes on the middle class by $2 trillion.

What About the Economic Report Card?

Barr told PolitiFact in our earlier interview that Obama made clear he wanted to continue extending the Bush tax cuts, which ended in 2007. But we said no to the administration's "economic report card" showing that the tax cuts on the top income groups were beneficial and a majority of Americans were better off. Barr said, "I would not put them in the category of an economic miracle."

We were skeptical and agreed the administration's report card "wasn't an accurate reflection" of the impact of the Bush tax cuts on incomes for the upper and middle classes. It was just so far off the mark and ignored the facts that the majority of American taxpayers saw no impact of the tax cuts and that even those with the highest incomes saw only modest income growth in the wake of the financial crisis.

We asked Barr last November to rate Obama's claim "The Bush tax cuts were one of the greatest economic policy mistakes of this century" and found he gave him five incorrect answers in a six-part series that he released last month.

The Washington Post fact-check team gave him the benefit of the doubt when, for example, Barr said that the President's economic policies "did help millions of middle-class Americans."

The administration's official analysis that relied on tax data showed that when adjusted for inflation, the average income o
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